Tsunari (tsunarikitsune) wrote,

seing up a home email server

  I want to set up an email server from home as well as a web site server but they will be hosted on different machines,  the more immediately important one would be the email server. 


Assuming an incoming email rate of about 25 messages a day, with a potential growth to 500 a day, and peak incoming of say 2000 messages day.  Remote access for me from any internet connection to my home network.  High hardware reliability.  messages won't be stored on the server indefinitely but transfered to my main computer when I am at home.  I'm thinking i can use a 1 GB ram chip (given it's jsut as a cheap as 128 MB) , a 160 GB HD, a 2Ghz single core CPU, a 200 WATT power supply, a cheap 20 dollar video card and a cheap 20 dollar motherboard.  Any thoughts from anyone with technical expertise?

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