Tsunari (tsunarikitsune) wrote,

On Instincts and Adaptation

As Humans we all have instincts derived from Apes, yet countless humans will reject that view even today.  They will continue to believe they have no relation to Apes that God made them whole cloth or even worse that they have no instincts at all.  Others just think we evolved out of instincts when we gained the ability to think.  Others just don’t take it into consideration.   Yet in this day and age society is evolving with utterly no regard to humanities instincts and even worse humanity pretends that it’s irrelevant.  Every year in the U.S. and in the world as a whole people give in and blindly follow their instincts even if those instincts in a modern world become equivalent to the proverbial lemmings running off the cliffs into the sea to their deaths.

Where are the studies into human instincts themselves?  Why aren’t we striving to catalog them all?  Why aren’t we taking human instincts into consideration in the modern world when everything marches on with no regards to it, and we react instinctively in manners that may lead to our deaths?  Would it not be better to take a whole view of our actions, instincts, situation, who we are, how we were raised, everything together?  To consider situations in light of instincts and reality and to know when to ignore them, when to follow them?

If we don’t take instincts into consideration all that will happen is series of events will continue to happen that will set them off and people will react in a reactionary manner making things worse and worse.  Humanity will either adapt and live, or they will fail to adapt and collapse, or they will fail to adapt and die off.  There will be no second industrial revolution should humanity collapse.  The oil reserves used to build us to this stage while not gone will be beyond the reach of people when they are ready to try again.
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