Tsunari (tsunarikitsune) wrote,

I looked forward to saturday so the month of hell can die and hopefully march isn't a month of hell

So my ex-boyfriend who lived with me for over a year, sexually, emotionally, and physically abused me.  He was not the type of person to just go off and slap and hit.  He got me into holds and used pressure points to hurt me.   He left on his own, I suspect because he knew I was getting few up and already stood up to him once about to call the police, at which point he confined me using a hold and hurt me, until I promised not to do so and kept it.  That was 1 to 3 months before he left on his own.  He never used direct punches or the like to hurt me physically, he knew enough to get me into a hold and use pressure points to hurt me, never left a mark on me.

octobor 16th sucks ass.  Got threatened with rape, told you don't need me by my abuser while he had loud sex with people who turned into my ex-friends after that.

With all the flashbacks, I couldn't just leave it with the positive "ending" that was when he left.  I had to tell him off online that he was an abusive asshole, that nothing he could do would be good for anyone.  he tried to make it out your the one who is mistaken, you ever thought it was you who harm people!  I threw it back, refusing to accept that.  Wound up with a total threat against my life.  One which I know him able to carry out and that even if he lived thousands of miles away that he is mentally unstable enough to come after me eventually:/

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